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Perry to Meet with Obama

Texas Governor Rick Perry is getting his meeting with President Obama according to the Texas Tribune.

Gov. Rick Perry will meet with President Obama on Wednesday to discuss the continuing crisis on the border, an aide to the governor confirmed Tuesday.

The meeting follows Perry's letter to the president on Monday that urged Obama to do more than shake hands upon his arrival in Texas.

“Gov. Perry is pleased that President Obama has accepted his invitation to discuss the humanitarian and national security crises along our southern border, and he looks forward to meeting with the president tomorrow,” Perry spokesman Travis Considine said in an email.

The meeting will occur days after Perry lobbed an onslaught of criticism at the Obama administration for what the governor has said is the White House’s failure to secure the border.

I don't believe that Perry will have any sway over Obama, but this is at least better than a simple handshake which is what Obama wanted at first.

Israel Under Attack

On Tuesday Israel called up 1,500 reservists as rockets fired from Gaza continued to rain down on Israeli civilians. According to CNN, Israel targeted 150 terror sites.

Israel intercepted a rocket fired at Tel Aviv on Tuesday and killed militants who stormed into Israeli territory, the military said, as people on both sides of the Gaza border were living under a barrage of attacks from the air.

In a dramatic escalation of the conflict, militants fired more than 130 rockets at Israeli civilians, Israel said. Palestinians reported 23 people in Gaza were killed in Israeli airstrikes targeting militants. Israel said it targeted about 150 "terror sites" in Gaza.

The warning sirens that blared in Tel Aviv, one of Israel's most populated areas, showed a threat Israel had warned of. The country said militants' rockets from Gaza are powerful enough to reach 3.5 million Israeli citizens. "Hamas will pay a heavy price for its vicious attacks on millions of Israeli civilians," the Israel Defense Forces said on Twitter.

"No nation would accept constant rocket fire. Neither will we," the IDF said, using the hashtag #ItMustStop.

Islamic Jihad, another Palestinian militant group, took responsibility for the rocket fired at Tel Aviv. In a statement, the group called it a "response to the ongoing Zionist aggression."

Hamas controls Gaza. Israel has said it holds Hamas responsible for the actions of militant groups inside the territory.

Hamas, on Twitter, used the hashtag #Gazaunderattack and warned, "Retaliations are coming, it is a matter of time."

Hamas later claimed responsibility for firing rockets on Jerusalem and Haifa. Three explosions sounded just west of the capital. There were no immediate reports of casualties.

"The occupation started this aggression and it must pay the price. We will be the ones to define the cost of the bill," Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum posted on his Facebook page.

The possibility of an Israeli incursion into Gaza loomed, with the Cabinet authorizing the military to call up 40,000 troops if needed -- 10,000 more than were called up during Israel's offensive into Gaza in November of 2012. Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, a military spokesman, referred to "possible ground maneuvers."

Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz told CNN a ground operation "might become necessary."

But it was Hamas that claimed responsibility for "storming" into Israeli territory Tuesday. Hamas-controlled television reported "from the heart of the battlefield" that a group of its "commandos" was "conducting its duties in Zikim Zionist military base according to plan."

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