Here is your Morning Brief for the morning of May 11, 2012. Give us your feedback below and tune in to Lubbock’s First News with Chad Hasty for these and many more topics from 6-9 am.

1. Saturday is Election Day

Well Election Day is almost here. On Saturday, you will be able to vote starting at 7am until 7pm. KFYO will be on the air Saturday night at 7pm to bring you the live results and to take your calls. From 2-4pm the Chad Hasty Show will go political as we discuss the election, hear from the candidates, and take your feedback for two hours.

This is an important election here in Lubbock. Depending on the results tomorrow, the City Council could look very different than it does now when it comes to spending and other issues effecting you. The School Board races are just as important. We need a board that will hold the administration at LISD responsible.

For a list of voting locations, you can check out this site. Below I will give predictions and thoughts on some of the races.


2. Mayoral Race: Martin vs. Robertson

This is going to be a close one friends. Mayor Tom Martin has done a fine job I believe as Mayor. I believe that his philosophy on keeping taxes low is the right one and in step with most people in Lubbock. However, Glen Robertson has said all the right things plus has been successful with the fees vs. taxes argument. Mayor Martin has done a bad job at explaining why he feels the fees vs. taxes argument doesn't work and I believe that could be his downfall.

I really do think that most people in Lubbock agree and like Mayor Tom Martin. Quality of life is good and Lubbock keeps getting better by bringing in new businesses. However, I think the mood of the city is one of boredom. Many are ready to move on and take a chance on someone new. Early in the election, Robertson had a huge lead over Martin according to private polls. As we get closer though, Martin's argument of core services and experience hit a nerve with some. People remembered what was going on during the David Miller years and the election started to get a little tighter.

We are in for a very close election I feel.

**Chad's Prediction: Glen Robertson wins with 53% of the vote.

3. District 4 Lubbock City Council: Paul Beane vs. Jim Gerlt

Yeah, I know there is another candidate running but let's be honest and face the fact that Dwight Fullingim will have no impact on this race. Well, he might take votes away from Jim Gerlt, but that's about it.

Councilman Paul Beane and challenger Jim Gerlt have been in a heated contest and it will all end on Saturday. I think Jim Gerlt is a good guy who was begged to jump into the race by outside forces. Gerlt wants to bring civility to the City Council. Maybe I'm wrong, but the City Council is pretty civil compared to about 4-6 years ago. In fact, I often get bored with this council and want them to argue more.

The main problem with Jim Gerlt's campaign were those who were helping him. I think Gerlt has some good ideas and in the future, who knows. However, the David Langston connection didn't help and I believe that some giving advice the Gerlt had other motives.

I have spoken with many in District 4 and it just doesn't seem as though they want to change their Councilman. Many are satisfied with the job Beane has done on the council.

I don't think you will see a run-off in this race. It will all be over on Saturday.

**Chad's Prediction: Councilman Paul Beane wins re-election with 58-60% of the vote.

4. Lubbock City Council District 6: Randy Sanders vs. Latrelle Joy

I have to be honest. I am pretty disappointed in the turnout so far for District 6. For the first time in 10 years, they have a contested race and so far, many have stayed home. I don't know this for sure, but I bet both Sanders and Joy are a bit disappointed too.

I think we could see a closer than first thought race here friends. Sanders had the early lead, but I think Joy has been able to chip away at the lead. Both Randy Sanders and Latrelle Joy have done a good job at raising money and block walking.

In this race, I believe name recognition will help Randy Sanders. The fact that he has a good message will help too.

**Chad's Prediction: Randy Sanders wins getting 60% of the vote.

5. LISD District 3: Mark Blankenship vs. Eddie Kirkpatrick

Congrats to District 3, I don't think you can make a bad decision here. I'm not the only one with that opinion either by the way. Many that I have spoken with like both candidates and think either one would do good things on the school board.

Blankenship was appointed to fill Chris Comer's spot and has done a good job and I believe would continue to do a good job. Eddie Kirkpatrick would do a fine job as well.

Are there differences between the two men? Sure, but they don't really matter it seems to me. I could see either of these guys winning and District 3 would be served well.

**Chad's Prediction: Mark Blankenship gets 51-52% of the vote.

6. Good Brews Good News of the Day

The good news? I think just about all the candidates would say that the good news is that the campaigning if finally almost done. From my perspective, the good news is that people are getting out there and actually voting. I think we will have close to 25,000 people vote this year.

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