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1. Mitt Romney Might Cut Programs (link)

During a fundraiser that was private in Florida Mitt Romney promised that if he is elected, he will try to do away with or consolidate different agencies. Those agencies affected would be the Department of Education and Housing. According to the Daily Caller:

“I’m going to take a lot of departments in Washington, and agencies, and combine them,” Romney said, according to NBC News. “Some eliminate, but I’m probably not going to lay out just exactly which ones are going to go.”

The former Massachusetts governor specifically said the Department of Housing and Urban Development “might not be around later.”

As for the Department of Education, Romney promised to “either consolidate with another agency, or perhaps make it a heck of a lot smaller.

I like what Romney is saying here. I just hope that people will hold him to it in the future.

2. What Does Glen Robertson Think Negative Ads Are? (link)

Yesterday, candidate for Lubbock Mayor, Glen Robertson posted this on Facebook:

Well, looks like the negative ads are getting ready to start again. Open records request have been made to every school board I have served on as well as the Ranson Caynon City Council. Request have also been made for my voting records on several City of Lubbock boards. With the polls favoring our campaign, I guess this is to be expected. Wouldn't it be nice to have an election with candidates just talking about issues and solutions.

Wait, what? How is going through a politician's record a bad thing? Isn't Glen Robertson basically doing the same thing when he goes after the current Mayor for raising fees? Pointing out someone's voting record on a commercial isn't negative, it's called the truth. For Robertson to complain about the fact that people are combing through his record is worrisome in my opinion. Is this someone who doesn't like to be questioned? Robertson says he wants a campaign about the issues and solutions, yet only wants us to focus on one person's history, not his. Solutions can often be found by looking in the past and seeing how history has dealt with the issues we are facing. Robertson apparently doesn't want to do that, and that should worry people.

3. City Workers Remove New Occupy Camp (link)

Occupy Lubbock was evicted from 19th and University this month after being given a deadline to move. The organization moved down the street, but apparently they didn't read the rules. According to KAMC:

A city spokesman told KAMC the group was notified on April 2nd that they had to leave by April 15th.

The group left the vacant lot at the corner of 19th and University and moved about a half a block down to a city-owned easement in front of an apartment building.

The new camp was discovered Monday morning when Code Enforcement officers went out to see if the camp had been taken down.

City spokesman Jeff McKito says the group could not set up on the easement because city law doesn't allow it.

Their property was taken by Code Enforcement officers and is being held in the LPD property room.

Good job to the City of Lubbock for enforcing the rules. We will see the Occupy group responds. Maybe they will notice that their movement is dead and they will decide to live inside a house like normal people.

4. Tight Race (link)

It's a tight race between President Obama and Mitt Romney. According to Gallup, Romney leads Obama but not by very much. Romney holds a two point lead over Obama right now with independents trending towards Romney.

The race breaks down into the expected patterns by party, with 90% of Democrats supporting Obama, and 90% of Republicans supporting Romney. The Republican results show that despite the rancor and divisiveness of the Republican campaign, the vast majority of Republicans are backing Romney in the head-to-head battle with Obama, as they have in ballot tests earlier this year.

The crucial voting bloc of independents breaks toward Romney by 45% to 39%, giving the GOP challenger his slight overall edge.

Good for Romney right now, but it's a long time until November.

5. Dumb story of the morning (link)

Prom season is how much now??

The U.S. economy may appear sluggish, but a survey indicated each teen will spend an average of $1,078 on the prom, a 34 percent boost from $807 spent in 2011.

"Prom season spending is spiraling out of control as teens continuously try to one-up each other," Jason Alderman, senior director of global financial education at Visa Inc., said in a statement. "It's important to remember that the prom is a high school dance, not a wedding, and parents need to set limits in order to demonstrate financial responsibility."

The survey found regional and income level disparities. Families in the Northeast will spend twice as much as every other region of the country. Regionally, the survey found:

-- Northeastern families plan to spend an average of $1,944.

-- Southern families plan to spend an average of $1,047.

-- Western families plan to spend an average of $744.

-- Midwestern families plan to spend an average of $696.

I had a great prom and I don't think it cost anywhere close to this. Wow.

6. Good Brews Good News of the Day (link)

Great story out of Texas.

What appeared to be the classic child's lemonade stand has given a big lift to an East Texas father's cancer treatment.

Six-year-old Drew Cox was charging 25 cents per glass of lemonade at the stand he set up Saturday in front of his house in Liberty City. KLTV-TV ( of Tyler reports his father, Randy Cox, has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, and Drew came up with the idea to help his dad feel better.

Instead, a block party swelled around the stand, with cars and people lined up around the block for lemonade. Drew's family says he raised his trade came from as far as 70 miles away for a glass of lemonade, generating more than $10,000 to help with Randy Cox's medical bills.

Read more here:

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