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Chad Hasty,

1. Lubbock City Council (link)

The Lubbock City Council met last night and it was a long and interesting meeting. Clif Burnett was arrested at the council meeting for violating trespassing warnings. According to KFYO News:

A blog posted around five hours before the 60-year-old’s arrest said that “This editor has been under stress inflicted by Lubbock County, City of Lubbock, my “evil family” not to mention UMC, City of Shallowater and Shallowater ISD.”

He continued, saying “LCR will not be the same but it could be more interesting. That remains to be seen.”


Lubbock Police presence inside Lubbock City Hall increased following Burnett’s postings.


He happened to arrive at City Hall on the same evening that members of Lubbock law enforcement’s honor guards were in attendance. Burnett was identified and taken into custody before the Council’s regular meeting began.

Burnett has been charged with criminal trespassing, and is being held in the Lubbock County Jail on $750 bond.

So that started things off on an interesting note. During the meeting, the Lubbock City Council voted against the proposal to re-locate the Godeke Library to 50th street and also voted against a Dollar General store. According to KFYO:

The Council chose to terminate a contract for the purchase of a new building at 3838 50th Street, which was proposed as a new site for Lubbock’s Godeke Library.


Godeke Library is currently located in a shopping center at 6707 Slide Road, and the lease for the space costs $25,000 per month. The cost of the proposed 50th Street location was $850,000 to purchase.


Citizens turned out to voice their support to have the library in southwest Lubbock, as opposed to the proposed central Lubbock location.


The Council voted to terminate the contract 6-1, with only Mayor Glen Robertson dissenting.


A Dollar General store will not be built along East 4th Street, due to the Council’s vote.


The store, which was proposed to be constructed at 4011 East 4th Street, was a fairly hot button issue on both sides, with some saying that a Dollar General store would be a boon for the elderly in the neighborhood, and others said that increased traffic would be disruptive to the residents.

The vote failed to change the land’s zoning from residential to commercial. The zone change request required six out of seven votes to overturn the City’s Planning and Zoning Commission’s recommendation.


The vote failed 5-2, with Robertson and District Three Councilman Todd Klein voting against the zone change request.

I'm tired of the complaining about lack of jobs & new businesses in North and East Lubbock. It seems as though anytime a business does want to move there, residents complain and want to hold up the project.

One last thing. Does it bother anyone else that a City Councilman is posting on Facebook during a meeting? Councilman Victor Hernandez was posting pictures and links on Facebook last night during the City Council meeting. I have no problem with the Councilman posting before or after the meetings, as I think social media is a great tool to reach out, but during a meeting it needs to stop. Pay attention to what is going on inside City Hall, not Facebook.

2. Obama Approval Falls (link)

Only 49% of Americans approve of the job President Obama is doing. That according to a new Gallup Poll that was released yesterday. It's not a big drop from Election Day and nothing Republicans should be excited about.

I've seen it written that possibly some voters are having buyer's remorse and sorry but I don't think that is true. In order for that to have happened in less than a month would mean that the public would have gotten wiser. Nope, not buying it. The American people knew what they were getting.

3.Rainy Day Fund (link)

Lt. Governor David Dewhurst on Thursday said that the state should think about dipping into the rainy day fund in order to fund water and transportation needs.

Dewhurst, speaking before the Dallas Regional Chamber, proposed using $1 billion from the fund, which could reach $8 billion by the end of the year, to create a new water infrastructure development bank to help cities and other municipalities build reservoirs.


Joining House Speaker Joe Straus and other state leaders in focusing on the major challenges surrounding Texas’ brisk population growth, the lieutenant governor said it might also make sense to develop a similar bank for highway construction projects.


“In any circumstance – and this is bottom line — we have to maintain a healthy balance in the rainy day fund,” he said. “But as a fiscal conservative, we can draw down a little bit and still keep a very healthy balance.”


The focus on those essential infrastructure needs – along with other basic services, such as public schools, higher education and health care – comes as Dewhurst and other lawmakers prioritize the state’s needs ahead of another budget battle in the coming legislative session.


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