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1. Is Mayor Tom Martin in Trouble?

According to yesterday's Poll of the Day on, Mayor Tom Martin has some work to do if he wants to be reelected. The unscientific poll showed that only 24% of respondents said they currently support the Mayor. Challenger Glen Robertson captured 69% of respondents while 7% are currently undecided.

Again, this was an unscientific poll, but past polls have captured how the KFYO audience and those in Lubbock feel when it comes to politics. We are still a long way off from election day, but I think the Mayor will see that one topic, fees vs taxes, will be a major issue going forward. Past KFYO polls have shown that those in Lubbock take the opposite view of the Mayor when it comes to that topic. Past polls have shown that many in Lubbock view taxes and fees as the same thing.

What do you think? Is the Mayor in danger of losing reelection?

2. Romney & Gingrich Collapsing

Four days ago Mitt Romney led Rick Santorum by 16 points in Gallup's national tracking poll. That lead is gone. Yesterday Gallup only had Romney leading Santorum 32-30. Oh, and Newt Gingrich is falling off at 16. In Michigan, Santorum now leads Romney by 6 points in one poll, in another he is up by as much as 15 points.

What does this mean? Romney is in trouble, big trouble. Conservatives are rallying around Santorum fast and if it wasn't for Gingrich still being in the race, the numbers for Romney would look even worse. Luckily for Romney, he still has time and a ton of money. Polls in this primary have flipped over and over again so the Romney camp should freak out yet. However, they had better get a good game plan together if they want momentum heading out of Super Tuesday. Oh, and they better hope Gingrich stays in the race.

Speaking of Newt. The National Review has called for Gingrich to bow out of the race and endorse Santorum. Why? If this election year has taught us anything it's that the only way you are 100% dead in the primary is if you drop out. Just weeks ago people were calling on Santorum to drop out. They look foolish now. Is it time for Gingrich to go? Maybe... maybe not. That's his call. I see no problem with him staying in it though.

3.  Obama Wants to Send $800 Million Overseas (link)

Remember the "Arab Spring"? Yeah, well Obama wants to send $800 million in aid overseas to those nations that were hit by the uprisings. You know, because those countries are our friends... right? In fact, Obama wants to continue to send aid money to Egypt... the same nation holding Americans hostage. Did I say hostage? Sorry, I meant detaining Americans for no reason.

What could we do with $800 million here at home?

4. Dumb story of the morning (link)

Should schools pay students to come to school?

A Cincinnati high school is paying its students to come to school.

The Dohn Community High School has launched a $40,000 incentive program to get students to come to class.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, students will get Visa gift cards for showing up everyday for school, being on time for class and not getting into trouble. Seniors would get $25 while underclassmen would get $10.

The school would also put $5 into a savings account for the student that earns a gift card.

Despite taking criticism for the program, Dohn Principal Ramone Davenport brushes it aside.

“People will say you’re rewarding kids for something they should already be doing anyway,” Davenport told the Enquirer. “But they’re not doing it. We’ve tried everything else.”

Dohn students have come around to the idea, excited about being rewarded for coming to school.

“I’m very excited to get the money,” 16-year-old student Arneqka Lester told the paper. “It makes me want to come to school on time, not that I don’t. But some students don’t have the money and this will help them. It’s a good idea.”

The school is trying out this new idea after the Ohio Department of Education designated the school an “academic emergency” on its report card. About 14 percent of students graduated from Dohn during the 2010-2011 school year.

When I was a kid, my parents and teachers would always say that our payment were our grades. What happened to that? Should kids get paid to go to school? Hell no. If they don't go, fine. They will be the ones mopping the floors later in life. Personal responsibility and making the right decisions. It's not hard.

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