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John F. Kennedy

50 years ago today President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas by Lee Harvey Oswald. Conspiracy theories still exists and to be honest, I can see why. Why Jack Ruby would kill Oswald escapes me so of course I can see why many would believe there had to be a larger plot. I'm not going to write about that today though. Instead, I will share just a few brief thoughts and then share a variety of links to different stories put out today and this week about John F. Kennedy.

I wasn't even born yet when Kennedy was killed. In fact it would be many, many years later when I was born. Growing up in the Dallas area though, I was exposed to a lot of Kennedy history. I've been to the 6th Floor Museum and Dealey Plaza and of course I was taught about the Kennedy years. Though what we were taught as kids doesn't seem to match up with reality.

I can't tell you how many history teachers I had that gushed about the Kennedy Presidency. Many told students that Kennedy was an amazing President that could have taken this country far and above. In reality, JFK was a mediocre President. He wasn't this great liberal champion the left paints him to be. The way the left acts now, I doubt they would give him a second look when compared to Barack Obama. That may say more about how far the the left the Democrats have moved though.

Kennedy was great at giving speeches and yes inspiring people. But his record lacks that which most on the left or right would consider Camelot. I've seen articles say that JFK would be a Republican if he were alive today. While he was in favor of cutting taxes, I seriously doubt that he'd be a Republican. If anything, Kennedy would be more like Bill Clinton in more ways than one.

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Cell Phones in Flight

More and more airlines are now allowing those who fly the option of using their electronic devices from gate to gate. That means you can continue to watch videos, listen to music, and play games without having to turn your device off. That move has been met almost universally with an attitude of, "it's about time!" at least that's how I feel.

However now the FAA is looking at allowing something bad... and I mean really bad. Soon, those who fly might be able to talk on their cell phones in flight according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Federal Communications Commission will propose allowing passengers to use their cellphones on airplanes, setting up a debate that will pit the technically possible against the socially tolerable.

While phone use would still be restricted during takeoff and landing, the proposal would lift an FCC ban on airborne calls and cellular data use by passengers once a flight reached 10,000 feet.

The move would lift a regulatory hurdle, but any use of cellphones on planes would still have to be approved by the airlines, which have said they would approach the issue cautiously due to strong objections from their customers. Airlines would have to install equipment in their planes that would communicate with cellphone towers on the ground.

The FCC is acting just weeks after the Federal Aviation Administration said it would allow expanded use of electronic devices during flights. Technical concerns about the airborne use of gadgets have faded. But the debate about the social merits of allowing people to make phone calls with a captive audience in the close confines of an airplane cabin promises to be vigorous.

When the FCC made a similar proposal in 2004, it received more than 8,000 comments. The FCC dropped the proposal in 2007 amid objections from flight attendants and other groups who said airborne phone calls would be a nuisance. The FCC also was concerned by a "lack of technical information upon which we may base a decision," according to its 2007 decision.

That was the same year in which Apple Inc. introduced the iPhone, however, and cellphone-related behavior has evolved considerably since then.

Some international carriers have equipped their airplanes with cellphone technology, but they have to turn those systems off when entering U.S. airspace because of the FCC ban.

A survey of 1,600 U.S. adults cited by the FAA showed a split on the issue, with 51% of respondents expressing negative reactions to in-flight phone calls while 47% reacted positively.

Fliers could make in-flight phone calls via onboard Wi-Fi with programs such as Voice and Skype, but virtually all U.S. airlines ban that option. The carriers say that their customers have generally told them they don't want in-flight phone calls.

If the FCC changes its rules, many airlines have said they would be hesitant to allow in-flight calls, while others have suggested they would re-evaluate their policies.

What a terrible plan this would be. No one needs or wants to listen to your phone call. It can wait. Airlines should just say no to this.

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