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Bush on Climate Change

According to, Jeb Bush has changed his position on human activity and climate change again. Though he still doesn't believe that we should be alarmists over climate change.

GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush says human activity is contributing to climate change and the country has an obligation to work to stop it.

“I think it’s appropriate to recognize this and invest in the proper research to find solutions over the long haul but not be alarmists about it,” Bush said in an interview published Thursday with Bloomberg BNA.

“We should not say the end is near, not deindustrialize the country, not create barriers for higher growth, not just totally obliterate family budgets, which some on the left advocate by saying we should raise the price of energy so high that renewables then become viable,” he added.

The remarks differ from comments Bush made as recently as June on the issue, when he recognized that the climate is changing but questioned whether human activity plays a role — something the vast majority of scientists in the field believe.

“The climate is changing, whether men are doing it or not,” he said in June, adding that he is “a little skeptical” of taking advice on climate policy from Pope Francis, who released an encyclical on climate change days later, according to the Huffington Post.

But in May, Bush said that human activity is a part of climate change.

"Clearly there is some influence, we are living on a planet and we kind of dominate the planet, manmade climate change is part of this," he said at a New Hampshire event, according to his campaign.

"But there is also natural changes and so why do we have to have a debate where people that may have some doubts about this are considered Neanderthals," he continued, referring to criticism of climate skeptics.

In his BNA interview, Bush also sharply criticized the main piece of President Obama’s drive to fight climate change, calling the Environmental Protection Agency’s climate rule for power plants “irresponsible and ineffective” and listing off a wide array of reasons to oppose it.

This probably won't help Jeb Bush with the conservative base in the Republican party. Look for this to be a topic in the FOX News Debate.

Trouble for Trump?

Donald Trump has gone into some detail about what his policy would be towards immigration, and according to the Washington Examiner, Trump's policy may get close to amnesty.

In an interview with CNN's Dana Bash, Trump suggested that he would deport the bad illegal immigrants but offer "legal status" to the good illegal immigrants. "We got to move 'em out, we're going to move 'em back in if they're really good people," he said.

That's essentially what "comprehensive immigration reform" promises to do: separate illegal immigrants who can't pass a background check from others who will pay back taxes, fines, learn English, pass a civics test and jump through whatever other bureaucratic hoops are supposed to distinguish the path to "legal status" from amnesty.

This type of legislation generally fails because few voters think any of these conditions will actually be enforced in practice. Many conservatives have a word for bills promising to only legalize the "really good people" but enforce immigration laws for everyone else: amnesty.

During the interview Trump never clarifies if he would send the "good people" back to their home country. What Donald Trump seems to be advocating for is a path to legal status which may not make his supporters happy.

During the interview with CNN, Trump also seemed to blur the lines on healthcare. I'll link to that story below.

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