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Pauken Out, It's Abbott vs. Davis

Yesterday Greg Abbott's chances of becoming the Republican nominee for Texas Governor went from 97% to 99.5%. Tom Pauken announced yesterday his withdrawal from the race. The reason? Lack of money and support according to KFYO News.

With the filing deadline only days away, Tom Pauken on Thursday announced his withdrawal from the Republican Primary for Texas Governor.  Pauken was facing an uphill battle against Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott in the GOP Primary.

Pauken released a statement concerning his withdrawal from the race:

“Thanksgiving is a time to count our blessings, and I have much to be thankful for with such a great family and so many wonderful friends. The past month has made that even clearer and more dear to me. I want to thank you personally for your gracious and generous support of my campaign for Governor and the future of Texas. It is deeply appreciated.

“Thanksgiving week also gave me the opportunity to reflect on where we were in the campaign and what we should do, going forward. Filing deadline is only days away, and I have to be realistic about our prospects. When I first filed our exploratory committee in March, I said at the time that there were certain, minimum objectives we needed to achieve to win the Republican nomination: (1) We had to raise a minimum of $2 million; (2) We had to build a strong, statewide organization; (3) We had to develop a major social media presence in a short period of time.

“Even though I have worked hard to get our message out across the state the past six months, unfortunately we are nowhere near where we need to be financially and organizationally to win this race. And, the primary is only three months away. I can no longer in good conscience ask friends and fellow conservatives to continue to help me when there appears to be no realistic path to victory. Greg Abbott has a $25 million war chest and the media depicts this as a Greg Abbott v. Wendy Davis race.

“My travels across the state make clear that Texans are frustrated with the direction our nation is headed. I fervently believe that we need a new style of leadership in our Party that will unite Texans and Americans behind sound policies based on our conservative principles, and take the fight to the Left. On the issue of education, I have fought hard for a return to local control and more opportunities for vocational education. We have to end this cancer of insider cronyism which infects both parties as government becomes more our master, rather than our servant. Clearly, my message has not resonated with enough contributors, party leaders, and grassroots conservatives to show a pathway to victory. I wish it were otherwise. I believe my message is the right one to bring Texans and Americans together for the good of the country, but perhaps I am not the right messenger – or, it is not the right time.

“You have my assurance that I will continue the fight for our founding principles.  But, under the circumstances I have decided not to file for the Republican nomination for Governor.

“Thank you for all you have done to support our cause.

Tom Pauken is a former chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission.

About a half-hour after Pauken’s announcement, Greg Abbott released a statement concerning Pauken’s withdrawal:

“As a Vietnam veteran, a member of the Reagan Administration, former Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas and head of the Texas Workforce Commission, Tom has dedicated his career to public service and advancing conservatism. Tom has been an insightful and effective voice for common-sense solutions in Texas. In the race for Governor, Tom offered thoughtful ideas in areas such as vocational education and workforce development. I thank him for his valuable contributions to the race, and I look forward to working together with him to build an even better Texas.”

Honestly, I like Tom Pauken and think he has done a lot of good for the Republican party in Texas and would have brought a lot to the race. He had no chance and it's good that Republicans direct money in one direction, but it's a shame his voice isn't there. Personally, I would have liked Pauken to run for Lt. Governor.

District 83 Showdown

Just about every Republican, at least in Texas, is running as a Conservative Republican. Just because you call yourself a conservative though doesn't mean you are one. Let's take a look at the race for District 83 State Representative. Right now you have two candidates, Rep. Charles Perry and his challenger, LISD School Board President Steven Massengale. Both call themselves Conservative Republicans but pay attention to what both say and what both do.

Thursday on my show Massengale came out against campus carry, school vouchers, and iffy on charter schools. Massengale came out in favor of more spending for public education, and open to the Lubbock Chamber's idea of a sales tax increase to fund projects for Imagine Lubbock Together. He came out in favor of that just minutes after saying he wouldn't support raising taxes.

You can listen to my interview with Steve Massengale here.

Is Massengale a conservative? That is for the voters to find out and decide.

State Representative Charles Perry will appear on Tuesday's edition of The Chad Hasty Show.

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