Your Morning Brief for June 18, 2015.

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Hillary is Ready to Raise Taxes

Are you ready for a tax hike? If you vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 or if you're a Republican who sits out of the election, that is exactly what you will get. According to the Daily Caller, Clinton's press secretary said on Twitter that major policy proposals will be rolled out over the Summer and Fall. Included in those plans, revenue enhancements.

Hillary Clinton is going to propose “revenue enhancements,” which is a term that means tax hikes.

Clinton campaign press secretary Brian Fallon said on Twitter that the campaign will propose “revenue enhancements” to raise money for various government programs including universal preschool.

You probably won't hear many of the Republican candidates campaign on raising taxes or "shared prosperity". Clinton will continue to attack the wealthy because it's popular to do that now in America.

Hopefully the Republican candidates will be lined up to attack her on this and many more issues.

Rubio and Paul Could Give Clinton Trouble

According to POLITICO, both Marco Rubio and Rand Paul could give Hillary Clinton the biggest battles in the 2016 Election. Rubio matches up well against Clinton in the swing-states while Paul does better overall according to a new poll. Not far behind? Jeb Bush. In other words, Hillary Clinton is beatable.

Sen. Marco Rubio appears to be giving Hillary Clinton the best competition among Republican presidential contenders in his homestate of Florida and is in a too-close-to-call match-up against Clinton in Pennsylvania, according to the latest Quinnipiac University poll of swing states released Wednesday.

By a count of 47 percent to 44 percent, Sunshine State voters said that they would support Clinton over Rubio in a hypothetical presidential matchup. Just 42 percent backed former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, compared with 46 percent for Clinton in that hypothetical match-up, with both responses within the margin of error.

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Overall, Clinton bests the Republican pack in Florida, is practically neck-and-neck in match-ups against Rubio and Sen. Rand Paul in Pennsylvania, and is significantly behind Ohio Gov. John Kasich in his state, trailing him 40 percent to 47 percent in that match-up.

Also in Ohio, Clinton narrowly edged former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, 42 percent to 41 percent, well within the margin of error. And in Pennsylvania, New Jersey Gov. Christie grabbed 41 percent to her 43 percent.

However, according to the latest Real Clear Politics average, Paul still continues to poll best against Clinton overall.

“This poll, along with many others, shows that Sen. Rand Paul is the best candidate to beat Hillary Clinton,” Paul spokesman Sergio Gor said.

It’s not all rosy for Clinton in the Quinnipiac poll, through. By margins of eight to 14 percentage points, voters say that Clinton is not trustworthy. In Pennsylania, 54 percent of voters say she is not trustworthy, while 53 percent of Ohio voters and 51 percent of Florida voters also say she is not trustworthy.

“This is where Democrats almost always fare better than Republicans. Yet in this survey many Republican candidates do as well or better than does she,” said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac Poll.

Remember, most Americans aren't even paying attention right now to Presidential politics. Once they do it wouldn't surprise me at all if Clinton's numbers continue to fall. Still, Republicans have to get their people out to vote.

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