Here is your Morning Brief for April 16, 2015.

Chad Hasty,

Abbott Refuses to Take Sides

Texas Governor Greg Abbott wants tax cuts. He wants businesses in Texas to see a tax cut and he wants citizens to see a tax cut. In a nutshell, that is where he stands. While Lt. Governor Dan Patrick says he won't accept a budget without property tax relief, the Governor and man who will eventually sign or veto the budget, won't say whether he supports a cut to property taxes or sales taxes.

According to the Texas Tribune, Abbott will stick with his one veto threat.

In a statement Wednesday afternoon, Patrick repeated his support for the property tax cut.

"I agree with Governor Abbott that I too will not support any budget that does not have franchise tax relief," Patrick said. "I also will not support any budget that does not have property tax relief, as well."

But Abbott also suggested that sales tax cuts — being pursued by House leaders who have battled with Tea Party-backed lawmakers and activists — represent another legitimate alternative.

“There is the possibility of property tax reduction. There is the possibility of sales tax reduction on top of the margins tax reduction,” Abbott said.

Abbott reiterated his vow to veto any budget that doesn’t contain a cut in the business franchise tax, commonly known as the margins tax. But he said he won’t apply that same threat to property tax cuts despite declaring in February in his state of the state address that he would “insist on property tax reduction.”

“The only veto declaration I’ve made clear is I will veto any budget that does not include the margins tax. With regard to the veto word, I don’t want to go throwing that out there loosely,” Abbott said. “I’ve thrown down my one veto threat. I’ll leave it at that right now.”

The remarks by Abbott will help those in the House who believe they are on the right track and shows a slight split between himself and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick. While a sales tax cut is a no go with Patrick, Abbott seems open to the idea if businesses see tax relief.

Clinton/Castro 2016?

Julian Castro has been talked about now for a while as being someone who could end up on the Democratic ticket in 2016. The Christian Science Monitor continued down that path yesterday by claiming it could be inevitable.

In 2016, having the first female presidential nominee for a major party in US history may not be enough diversity for the Democratic ticket. The Latino vote is a fast-growing, crucial piece of the American electorate for both parties. So it may, in fact, make sense for Mrs. Clinton to double down on diversity with a Latino running mate.

High on the presumed list is Julián Castro. He’s secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and former mayor of San Antonio – long eyed as a rising Democratic star, along with his identical twin, Rep. Joaquin Castro (D) of Texas.

Last May, when President Obama tapped Julián Castro to run HUD, it was clear the White House was trying to build the then-mayor’s national résumé. Mr. Obama was “excited about the mayor bringing his practical, on-the-ground success to scale at the federal level,” a White House official said at the time.

It certainly wouldn't surprise me if Castro was on the ticket with Hillary in 2016. My question is, what does he really bring to the table? Castro won't help win Texas for Hillary. Besides being Hispanic, I don't see what Castro really brings to the table for Team Clinton. Plus there is a possibility that he could overshadow her as Democrats look towards the future.

What do you think? Will Julian Castro run with Hillary?

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