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1. Gun Control Debate (link)

How can the Obama administration win the gun control debate? By getting the "legitimate media" to do the PR for it. According to the Washington Examiner, Vice President Joe Biden and others in the White House are counting on the "legitimate media".

During a press conference on gun safety in Philadelphia, Vice President Joe Biden said that any reports that suggest that he was trying to take weapons away from gun owners was a “bunch of malarkey.”

"I know that's a word that you've never heard before, although it's now in the dictionary," Biden boasted.

Biden said that it was important for the media to dissuade the American public from the idea that the Obama administration was prepared to do something unconstitutional on guns.

“To be very blunt with you, we’re counting on all of you, the legitimate news media to cover these discussions because the truth is that times have changed,” Biden added, warning that people would continue to “misrepresent” the White House's plans for gun control.

"The social media that exists out there, the tragedies that have occurred, the Supreme Court decision affirming that its an individual right to bear arms - all give a lie to the argument that what we're trying to do is somehow unconstitutional, or somehow goes after the legitimate right to own and bear arms and to hunt and protect yourselves," Biden added.

Control the media, control the message right? This time it just doesn't seem to be working though. The public just isn't on board with what the Democrats are selling here. That makes me somewhat hopeful going forward in future elections. Republicans though need to remind the public about this stunt from the Democrats.

2. Obama to Push For Investments (link)

Here is yet another sign that the administration and other Democrats feel no need to cut spending. According to FOX News, President Obama will urge investments during tonight's State of the Union.

President Obama, after delivering a barbed inaugural address that focused on controversial social agenda items, plans to return to the economy in his State of the Union Tuesday -- but his prescription for growth is still at odds with that of the Republican Party, and many voters.

The president is expected to revive his calls Tuesday for government "investments" in infrastructure and education -- meaning spending. He'll focus on economic growth, while acknowledging the need to close the deficit through a combination of budget cuts and tax increases.

"The core emphasis that he has always placed in these big speeches remains the same, and it will remain the same -- the need to make the economy work for the middle class," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said.

He declined to get into specifics, but said the speech will focus on "proposals that are necessary to help the middle class grow and to help the economy grow."

Carney pointedly countered House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, who a day earlier dismissed the idea that Washington has a spending problem.

"Of course the president believes that we have a spending problem," Carney said. Still, he said "we need more investments that help the key industries of the 21st Century ... take root here."

So we have a spending problem, but let's spend more money! How will Obama propose doing this? Look for more taxes to be mentioned in the speech tonight as well.

3. The Children First? (link)

When it comes to immigration reform, Eric Cantor wants to start with the children.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said Sunday that Congress should begin to address immigration reform by looking at legislation to legalize those brought to the U.S. children.

"The best place to begin I think is with the children. Let's go ahead and get that under our belt, put a win on the board so we can promise a better life for those kids who are here due to no fault of their own," Cantor said on NBC’s “Meet The Press.”

Cantor said sounded an optimistic note on the prospects for immigration reform, saying that here is "a lot of movement" in both chambers of Congress. He added that it was important to "balance" the need for heightened border security with compassion towards those who are here illegally.

But Cantor cautioned that Congress should first move forward by dealing with undocumented children, rather than waiting to address with immigration in a comprehensive package.

When asked if that meant he supported the DREAM Act, Cantor said he didn't know the current status of the bill, but said he supported its underlying principles.

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), the architect of the DREAM Act and one of the bipartisan "gang of eight" senators pushing a framework for comprehensive immigration reform, disagreed with Cantor's approach during a later appearance on the show.

"The DREAM Act means more to me than I can express. I've met these young people. But they will tell you, 'Yes I want a future, but what about my mom and dad.' They understand full well that these family structures are critically important to the future of America," Durbin said. "In the Senate we have a bipartisan goal of a pathway to citizenship. Not stopping at the DREAM Act, beginning at the DREAM Act and pushing forward."

It would not surprise me if there was action on the DREAM Act this year. Remember, the GOP also has a version of the bill floating around.

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