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1. Gun Control (link)

Today we will find out what exactly the President plans on doing about guns in America. He will hold a press conference today around 10:45am our time to announce his plans. Surrounding him will be children, because it's all about the children right?

President Obama will unveil a sweeping set of gun-control proposals at midday Wednesday, including an assault weapons ban, universal background checks and limits on the number of bullets that ammunition clips can hold, according to sources familiar with the plans.


The announcement, which press secretary Jay Carney said is scheduled for about 11:45 a.m. at the White House, is also expected to include a slate of up to 19 executive actions that the Obama administration can take on its own to attempt to limit gun violence.

Any predictions?

2. State of the City (link)

Mayor Glen Robertson delivered the State of the City Address to about 500 people yesterday. According to KFYO News:

Mayor Glen Robertson highlighted the cities 4.6 percent unemployment rate and the growing population of the city now at 233,000.


With the growing population also brings the need for more water sources and conservation for the city’s growing need.

Another area that has raised some concern is the loss of flights and air passengers at Lubbock Preston International Airport.


City officials blame the lower number of passengers and flights into Lubbock on the air travel industry.

The Mayor also spoke about water and power in Lubbock. A bond election was mentioned according to reports. The Mayor would like to see a new fire station and infrastructure addressed in the bond. The Mayor also said that Godeke might be part of a bond election. It sounds as though the Mayor only wants to address a few projects, but what about the rest of the council?

3. Abbott's War Chest (link)

If Rick Perry and Greg Abbott both decide to run for Governor, Abbott would have a big lead in the money race. According to WFAA in Dallas:

The latest fundraising figures came out on Tuesday. Abbott already had a lead over Perry, but now it's even bigger.

Since they can't accept donations again until June — after the legislative session — this gives Abbott an advantage.

In fundraising reports due Tuesday, Perry — the state's longest-serving governor — raised about $3.5 million from July to December and has just over $6 million in the bank.

But Abbott outpaced Perry, raising $4.1 million. He now has a whopping $18 million in cash.


That's a 3-to-1 advantage over Perry for a possible March 2014 primary race. A source who has talked to donors told WFAA last week that's what Abbott told them he'll do.

Ross Ramsey, executive editor of the Texas Tribune, has covered state politics for years. "You know, the big advantage is that if you've raised your money, you can spend your time on other things in your campaign," he explained. "You can spend your time on organization, on networking, on telling people what your message is — on all of the campaigning stuff, and not on the phone raising money. The other guy has to be raising money, and that eats up the clock."


Ramsey noted that Perry and Abbott share many of the same prominent donors, and the unanswered question is: Who will those donors back if both intend to run?

No reason to sound the alarm on Rick Perry right now though. He can pick up the phone when the time is right and be right back in the money race. Perry has done this before, so it would be foolish to count him out. Plus, we don't even know for sure who is running yet.

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