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1. Holder Slams Voter ID in Houston (link)

Eric Holder continues to be an idiot. Yesterday, the Attorney General spoke to the NAACP and of course the Texas Voter ID law came up. Here is what the AG had to say.

Holder talked about the Voter I.D. Law in Texas being “harmful” to minorities and that Texas is “the center of our national debate” on voting rights in America.

Holder also said, ‘The arc of American history has always moved towards expanding the electorate. It is what has made this nation exceptional. We will simply not allow this era to be the beginning of the reversal of this process.”

Holder was scheduled to speak yesterday, but was bumped to today for unspecified reasons. NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous told the crowd yesterday to get out the vote in November.

The NAACP is launching a campaign to stop to Voter I.D. initiatives across the country and a fall voter drive for the General Election in November.

So what about the states that already have Voter ID? Are they racist too or is it just Texas? What a moron.

2. VP Choice Looming? (link)

Mitt Romney could name his VP choice soon. According to Reuters the Romney camp is thinking about announcing his choice for VP a few weeks earlier than the traditional time. The reason? To better compete wth President Obama right now.

As they work from a short list of leading Republicans, Romney and his advisers say they are weighing whether he should announce his choice some weeks earlier than the traditional time of around the Republican National Convention, which is to be held in Tampa in late August.

The reasoning, advisers say, is that two candidates would be able to raise more money and engage Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in battle with polls showing Americans closely divided on whether to pick the Republican challenger or Democratic incumbent in the November 6 election.

Picking the choice early could also serve to guarantee some positive news coverage at a time when Romney is under fire from Obama over whether he should release more financial information about his wealth.

The subject of when to announce the pick was brought up by a voter at a lively town hall meeting Romney held in a high school gymnasium in Grand Junction, the largest city in western Colorado. The man asked whether Romney would announce his vice presidential choice before the convention.

"I can't give you the timeline for that. That's a decision we'll make down the road. Nor can I give you the individual," said Romney.

Romney is to attend the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in London in two weeks in a trip that will also take him to Jerusalem. Should he choose to name his choice early, then he would have next week as an option for a proper rollout, or he could wait until he returns from abroad and announce his pick in early August.

Who would you like to see Romney pick as VP?

3. Texas is #1 (link)

What is the top state for business? That's right, Texas! According to CNBC, Texas tops it's list for as America's Top State for Business. This is the 3rd time Texas has been on top.

In our sixth annual study,Texas racked up an impressive 1,604 points out of a possible 2,500, with top-10 finishes in six of our 10 categories of competitiveness. Texas has never finished below second place since we began the study in 2007.

Each year, we score all 50 states on the criteria they use to sell themselves. This year’s analysis is the most comprehensive yet, using 51 metrics developed with the help of the National Association of Manufacturers and the Council on Competitiveness, as well as input from the states themselves.

4. Time to Get Healthy (link)

People around KFYO must be catching the healthy bug these days. Yesterday Allen Corbin put out a piece on our sister station about his plans to start a new healthier lifestyle. He didn't know this, but I had the same plan that started yesterday. This isn't some fad diet that we are starting. Just a new way of living. Who knows, maybe this will turn into a friendly competition.

5. Dumb Story of the Morning (link)

Trail of chips leads to suspects.

Police say they followed a trail ofpotato chips to catch a southwestern Pennsylvania burglary suspect.

Washington police say 21-year-old Benjamin Sickles was arrested early Thursday after he allegedly broke into a Subway restaurant and stole several bags of snacks.

Investigators say Sickles broke a glass door before trying to open the cash register. They say he made off with nine bags of chips after he couldn't get to the cash.

Officers say they followed a trail of chip bags to Sickles, who had a bloody hand and foot when he was taken into custody.

Sickles is being held at the Washington County Prison on $30,000 bail. Online court records don't list an attorney for him.

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