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1. Election Night

First off, great job to the KFYO News team for last night's coverage. Sure I'm bias, but I think that the KFYO Election Night coverage is the best you'll find locally and just as good as anything you will find statewide. KFYO was able to provide you with the numbers and interviews that you needed to hear. If you missed any of last night's results, Julie Fisher has you covered with her story here.

Below, I will just give a few thoughts on some of the races last night.

2. Neugebauer Wins Big

Many of our eyes were focused on the District 19 Congressional race between Congressman Randy Neugebauer and former Lubbock County Republican Chairman Chris Winn. Locally, Winn did much better than he did throughout the District, but he still came up short. In Lubbock County, Winn received 34% of the vote to Neugebauer's 66%. Many will claim that this is huge for Winn, but I don't believe it is. I always thought that Winn would do well in Lubbock County. He is known and liked here. I thought he would suffer outside of Lubbock County while his supporters believed his anti-wall street rhetoric would play well and he would pick up momentum. Many of his supporters also believed that Winn would do well in Taylor County, Abilene.

The truth is, outside of Lubbock County Chris Winn failed to connect with voters. In District 19 all together, Neugebauer picked up 74% of the vote to Winn's 26%. Winn's message and campaign tactics failed to connect.

So is Neugebauer vulnerable after this election? Too early to tell, but I would say no. If Chris Winn had hit 35% or more in the race, I'd say yes but as of right now I can't see a serious candidate stepping up in a couple of years to challenge the Congressman.

3. Charles Perry Wins Big

There were some who thought the race in District 83 would be close. Thankfully it was not. State Rep. Charles Perry easily defeated Delwin Jones in that race. According to state-wide numbers, Perry received 71% of the vote. In Lubbock County, he received 75% of the vote.

The big question? Will Delwin run again in 2 years?

4. Bill McCay Wins

It doesn't surprise me that Bill McCay defeated Frank Morrison, but the numbers did. McCay ended up receiving about 60% of the vote and that to me is just crazy. If you heard McCay on the morning show a few days ago, most likely you voted against him. He dodged every question and wouldn't take a stand on anything. If you did hear that interview and still voted for him, I don't get it. I still believe Morrison should have won, but it looks as though McCay will hold onto that seat for as long as he wants.

5. Dumb Story of the Morning (link)

Drive-thru rage.

a 23-year-old man allegedly crashed his truck into a Taco Bell after he “did not get one of the tacos he ordered,” according to police.

Michael Smith was arrested early this morning for felony vandalism in connection with the bizarre 12:15 AM incident at the fast food restaurant. Smith, pictured in the mug shot at right, is being held in the Montgomery County jail.

Police were summoned to the Taco Bell by workers who reported that a “white male in a white truck struck” the eatery’s entrance and then fled the scene. Cops tracked a fluid trail leaking from the vehicle to Smith’s home, where he was arrested.

Smith, cops noted, admitted “intentionally striking the building after realizing he did not get one of the tacos he ordered.” Smith’s crash shattered windows and caused other damage to the Taco Bell, where a taco retails for 99 cents.

6. Good Brews Good News of the Day (link)

Hoping for the best for this lady!

After losing every one of her limbs from a flesh-eating infection, a 43-year-old Texas mother of three will have another person’s arms and hands transplanted onto her in the first ever procedure of its kind in the U.S., the Houston Chronicle reported.

Katy Hayes, from Kingwood, TX, contracted the disease that took her arms and legs shortly after giving birth to her last child just two years ago.  Doctors were forced to amputate her limbs above her knees and elbows, leaving behind small stubs.

“I want my life back,” Hayes told a medical team at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, in Boston, Mass., about why she wanted the transplant.  “I want to hold my last child before she’s grown – and she’s already 2.  If anybody tells me ‘no,’ I’ll just go to the next hospital.  ‘No’ is not an option.”

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