Here is your Morning Brief for 20, 2015.

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DHS Shutdown Not Really a Shutdown

Just about every news story you hear about a possible shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security if full of doom and gloom. Democrats warn that Republicans are playing a dangerous game with national security while many Republicans agree. But what would actually shutdown? According to FOX News, not much really.

If the department loses funding at the end of the month because Congress fails to pass a budget bill, most DHS employees actually would continue to report to work, because they are considered “essential” employees.

That means Border Patrol agents stay one the job, airport security workers will still be at their posts, the Coast Guard stays on patrol -- and those East Coast ports remain open.

Still, 30,000 DHS employees are expected to be furloughed if funding lapses, and most who aren’t would not get paid until the budget stalemate ends.

So just like the government shutdown, it was more of a media spectacle than reality.

Social Changes to Fight ISIS

President Obama once again declined to call Islamic Terrorists what they really are and also dug in on ways to defeat ISIS... using jobs of course. According to FOX News, the President did not out a uniformed strategy on how to deal with the terrorists.

Obama acknowledged the "unspeakable cruelty" inflicted by the Islamic State and said countries must be "unwavering" in fighting these organizations. But he underscored the importance of improving political systems, boosting economies and making impoverished and desperate communities less susceptible to terror recruiters -- echoing a comment from a State Department official this week that jobs-creation programs could be an effective counterterrorism tool.

He offered no hint, however, that the summit had produced a clear, unified and immediate global strategy to ultimately defeat the Islamic State -- instead issuing the declaration to the Islamic world that, "We are not at war with Islam."

Secretary of State John Kerry, at the same summit, mocked what he described as the "silly" media debate over what to do about terrorism.

"You have to do everything," Kerry said.

But in describing both what to do and who the enemy is, Obama administration officials are using a broad brush. To combat terrorism, they're calling for more jobs and better "governance." They won't say "radical Islam." Obama recently compared modern-day Middle East atrocities to Christian violence during the Crusades.

This President is too worried about political correctness. The only way to defeat ISIS is to kill them. Military force will have to be used against these people. They aren't interested in jobs or a better life. It's not about a lifestyle change for ISIS. It's religious.

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