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1. Mitt Romney Rises, Newt Falls

If you missed Thursday night's GOP Presidential debate, you missed out. Mitt Romney has a new debate coach, and it showed. Romney had the best performance he has had in this primary. He was quick, forceful and even went on the attack. You can read some highlights from POLITICOCNN ,and USA Today that include quotes from the candidates.

Newt Gingrich tried to win the crowd over on immigration by trying to position Romney as anti-immigrant, a charge that Senator Marco Rubio in Florida smacked Gingrich on. Gingrich tried to position Romney as someone who would deport someone's grandmother. Romney's response?

"I'm not going to go find grandmothers and take them out of them homes and deport them," Romney said, accusing Gingrich of using "highly-charged epithets" irresponsibly. "Our problem is not 11 million grandmothers."

Beautiful and it worked. Gingrich also worked to paint Romney as someone who had investments in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Romney was quick to turn the tables.

Gingrich claimed that Romney had profited off of investments in both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In turn, Romney tried to explain the nature of his investments, quickly pointing out that he may own bonds, but anything he owns is controlled by a "blind trust," and in fact Gingrich also has investments in the mortgage lenders.

"Comparing my investments to his investments is like comparing a tiny mouse to a giant elephant," Gingrich said, playing on Romney's wealth.

It appears as though Gingrich's crutch in these debates will be to slam the media (which didn't work Thursday) and to slap Romney around for making money. Bad idea.

So how did they finish last night?

1. Mitt Romney- He was forceful, articulate, and quick. Romney never backed down and seemed to have an answer for everything. He had one slip-up, which I'll cover next but overall he did a great job. For the first time you could actually see and feel Romney connecting with the audience and viewers at home.

2. Rick Santorum- Santorum had a great debate and is really the outsider running. He made a great statement early on by saying that the questions needed to focus on real issues and not Romney's wealth. Santorum landed great punches on Gingrich and destroyed Romney on Romneycare. Romney has got to come up with better answers. At one point Santorum had Romney flustered and Romney responded by saying health care wasn't a reason to get angry. Ouch. Santorum comes across as the outsider who is willing to take on everyone and not back down.

3. Newt Gingrich- Okay, the only reason I put Newt here is because he has a chance of winning Florida. He was terrible last night and Gingrich must move past attacking Romney's wealth. Gingrich seemed to move to the left of Romney on immigration and even making money. Newt never got his standing ovation, and the moderator wouldn't allow Newt to get away with slapping around the media.

4. Ron Paul- Very little foreign policy talk, so he did well. Paul landed some great punches and was funny. Probably one of his best performances. Honestly, Paul probably did better than Newt, but he is irrelevant in Florida. A note to Paul fans here, your candidate isn't spending time in Florida. He has moved on.

2. Lubbock City Council (link)

Lubbock Mayor Tom Martin will appear on LFN on Friday. We will discuss the latest out of City Hall and of course welcome your questions. One of the topics up for discussion, Police vehicles.

The council approved the purchase of 50 new Chevrolet Tahoe Defenders to be ordered from Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford in Carrollton, Texas. The cost for purchasing the vehicles is $1,364,150.

I've got no problem with the City buying more vehicles. I assume they are needed. However, many listeners and I are wondering why the city decided to buy from the DFW area. Do we not have local dealerships that could have sold these cars? We keep hearing folks in local government talk about spending your money in Lubbock. What happened here?

3.  Slaton Man Kills Intruder (link)

Arm yourself people!

Slaton Police say a suspected burglar was shot and killed Thursday afternoon when the homeowners returned to a house on West Lynn street.

They tell us the suspect shot a man and a woman as they came into the home. The man returned fire killing the suspected burglar.

Kudos to this man in Slaton for getting rid of a piece of scum trying to steal from others. You anti-gun people out there who say that the homeowner should have only wounded the perps just don't get it. These people who broke in could have killed the homeowner. Instead he protected himself and will continue to live because of it.

4. Dumb story of the morning (link)

Woman calls 911 six times for...

An Osceola County woman is still in jail for allegedly calling 911 six times for no apparent reason.

"What's going on there ma'am?" the 911 operator asked.

"None of your business! Just send me a sergeant. It's none of your business! Why the hell are you so stupid?" Joan Mayo replied.

Each time Mayo got connected to the 911 center in St. Cloud on Tuesday, she screamed profanities at dispatchers and berated them, according to police. 

Officials said Mayo never had a clear reason for calling, but neighbors said she was looking for something in particular.

"She just wanted cigarettes. That's all she wanted. She wanted cigarettes," said her neighbor, Lillian Morales. 

The final straw came when police showed up to talk to her. Police said Mayo called 911 on hercellphone a sixth time while they were in the parking lot dealing with the situation.

Mayo was arrested and hauled off to jail on charges of misusing 911.

"Rarely do we get calls like this for service," said Sgt. Denise Roberts, of the Saint Cloud Police Department.

Police said this affected two agencies, because cellphone calls are first answered by Osceola County, then routed to St. Cloud.

But, Mayo won't be forced to pay back money wasted investigating her calls because no real calls were delayed.

Mayo allegedly told police she had no regard for the 911 system and would call whenever she wanted to.

Idiot. Go check out the woman's picture on the link above though.

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Rep. Barney Frank to get Married (okay, how much would you give me to ask Neugebauer on Monday his thoughts about this?)


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