Chad Hasty shared some quick thoughts on Thursday on KFYO's The Chad Hasty Show about the ongoing situation in Ferguson Missouri. Wednesday night, two police officers in Ferguson were shot by protesters in a crowd.

Chad talked about the attitude of protesters, and how the Department of Justice is contributing to tensions in the area.

See this is part of the problem. You have Eric Holder and the Department of Justice blaming Ferguson, and then Obama speaks, and says, 'It's not just Ferguson, it's everybody else. It's a lot of other police departments out there, that have a bunch of racist cops.' And you keep hearing from the Administration, 'It's the cops, its the cops, it's the cops. Bunch of racist cops.

Hasty continued,

But not once, have I heard the Administration come out and say, 'But, police officers are trying. Police departments are trying to reach out to the community. Maybe the community should meet the cops halfway.

Listen to the audio segment in the video box above.

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