Hurricane Sandy and Obama teaming up with Chris Christie were the big topics on the Wednesday edition of the Chad Hasty Show.

Now that Hurricane Sandy has hit New York and is moving towards Canada, the recovery efforts can start in the East Coast. However, more people seem to be interested in President Obama touring around New Jersey with outspoken Republican Governor Chris Christie. Some people think that Christie's decision to team up with Obama might be an attempt to hurt the Romney campaign, since a Romney victory means that Christie wouldn't be able to run for president for another few years. But Chad thinks that it's more an attempt to make nice with the Democrat voters. Christie's numbers have been slipping in the polls recently and, according to Chad, if he can show that he can get along well with the Democrats, that might push his numbers back up.

Chad also said that the President shouldn't be in New Jersey in the first place. He said that right now, having a big presidential cavalcade would just hamper the clean-up efforts, and that Obama's not needed in New Jersey. He added that Romney had the right idea by staying out of the hurricane-affected areas and focusing on visiting the swing states like Florida and Ohio.

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