Will lowering educational standards really help kids perform better in school? That was the question asked today on the Monday edition of the Chad Hasty show.

The School Board of Education in Florida passed a plan for "racially based academic goals,"in which the passing standards for Black and Hispanic students were much lower than that of White or Asian students. According to Chad, this new policy is pretty much telling the Black students that they're not good enough and that they can't make it on their own.

Chad made the point that everyone should have the same education, and that the bar should not be lowered just because of race. This policy is dumbing down kids, instead of maintaining the high standards of education that should be in place. Chad added that this policy will not help the kids get to college, unless colleges lower their standards as well, which could be a very real possibility.

Our listeners also got in on the conversation. Rod called in and made the point that the policy could not just be limited to educational institutes, but could spread into the working world as well. He also said that the policy might be the school board trying to give the minority students a "fighting chance," but that the board would probably end up shooting themselves in the foot.

The bottom line is this: lowering the standards is not the way to get kids to succeed in school.

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