Gun control was the big issue of the day on the Tuesday edition of the Chad Hasty Show.

Many people are still reeling from the shocking murder/suicide of Kansas City Cheifs player Jovan Belcher and his son's mother Kasandra Perkins. But Jason Whitlock, the author of the article read by Bob Costas during Sunday Night Football that caused a huge public outcry, will not leave the issue alone and put out yet another article condemning guns. In this article, he likens the National Rifle Association to the Ku Klux Klan, and basically said that guns are the reason for all the problems in the black community. Chad countered by saying that it was just easier to blame gun than to face the real problems of the black community and that Whitlock was a moron for writing something so "dangerous." Many of our callers agreed.

Speaking of Costas, he recently appeared on the Dan Patrick Show on our sister station, 1340 the FAN. After listening to a portion of the interview in which Costas tried to explain his reasoning for reading the article out loud, Chad decided that it didn't help Costas's case at all. He said that you can't support the 2nd amendment and yet not support the right to a militia, as Coastas put it, and asked just how many guns are too many when Costas questioned people owning multiple guns for what he called "no good reason."

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