Donald Trump's alleged "bombshell" about President Obama was a hot topic for listeners of the Wednesday edition of the Chad Hasty Show.

Multimillion dollar entrepreneur Donald Trump announced that he was going to reveal a "bombshell" about President Obama to those who followed him n Facebook and Twitter. Many in the media are speculating that the bombshell has to do with divorce papers written up by the Obamas several years ago. Chad is hoping that's not the case, since as he put it, nobody cares about it. He suspects that the bombshell might actually be the announcement of new Trump TV show.

Our listeners had their own thoughts on the matter. Jim called in and agreed that he hopes it's not the divorce papers, and that Trump is probably not going to change anyone's mind with whatever bombshell he may have. Suzanne suggested that the bombshell might have to do with Obama's citizenship, as it's something he's been harping on Obama about for quite some time.

Gene called in and asked why Obama should even be allowed to run after the "Fast and Furious" and Lybia fiascoes, and that those events should have tainted his presidency much more. Finally, Jay wrapped it up asking why the Benghazi incident has not been getting as much press as the comment made by Senator Richard Mourdock about pregnancies through rape were intended by God.

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