After three presidential debates and 2 weeks left in the election, why are some people still calling themselves "undecided voters?" That was the question we tackled on the Tuesday edition of the Chad Hasty Show.

Mark, a self-proclaimed undecided voter, called in to the program and told us why he was still undecided. According to Mark, he did not want to keep his "blinders on" and wanted to know why exactly he should vote one way or the other. Mark also told us he was a small business owner, and admitted his business has suffered under President Obama's term, but despite that, he still doesn't know who he's voting for.

Chad said later that it was "beyond him" to understand why some people are still undecided, particularly if you are a small business owner. He said business owners right now are in a state of uncertainty, and the differences between the two candidates is pretty obvious. His advice was for small business owners to make a look at how the business world and the country has been treating them for the past 4 years, then make their decision.

Some of our caller also had some thoughts on the undecided voter. Seth, another small business owner, called in and said the thought of a business owner not knowing who to vote for was not looking ahead to the future of his company. Virgil also called in and suggested that maybe the undecided voters are really looking for the candidates to "woo" them into voting for them, and for the radiate to cater to their every need before they vote for him.

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