On Friday's Chad Hasty Show, Hasty expounded on the speech recently given by Hillary Clinton, in which she says that Donald Trump does not have enough experience nor the temperament to be President, and attacked Trump for refusing to make a commitment never to use nuclear weapons.

During his monologue Hasty said,

We're talking about life and death here. We're talking about, with Islamic extremism, you're in a world war. Whether you want to admit it or not, you are in a world war. And I hope the U.S. doesn't have to use a nuclear bomb, but you know what: Why take it off the table? I have no problem with Donald Trump rattling a few world leaders overseas, I got no problem with that. When you look at how the U.S. is looked at right now, our standing in the world, the fact that this country isn't respected anymore, that Barack Obama as a president, the President of the United States is not respected or even feared, I have no problem with other countries fearing the president. They should. They should look at the United States and go, 'That's a world power, don't mess with them. That's the world power, don't mess with them. They've got the strongest military, they've got the most nukes, you have no idea what's going to happen. Don't screw with them. But that's not how the rest of the world looks at Barack Obama. They go, 'Look at that guy. Did you see his workout video? Look at that guy, we're not worried about him. Come on.'

Listen to the entire show segment in the video above.

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