During The Chad Hasty Show on Monday, Chad delved deep into the subject of the McKinney, Texas police handling of the swimming pool incident which occurred over the weekend, and the media's targeted coverage of the situation.

Talking about the officer's handling of the young lady who was detained during in the situation, Hasty said,

He's not trying to hurt the girl. He's doing everything he can not to hurt the girl.

The media has made a large topic of the fact that the officer drew his weapon when the young men approached him from behind. About the officer's reaction, Hasty explained,

You've got two guy, two males, teenage males, who run up behind you, like they're going to attack you, and you bring out your gun, you notice neither of them have weapons, you draw the gun back down. He did everything, in my mind, that he was supposed to do. They didn't pepper-spray anybody, no one bled, uh no one had an "ouchie".

To listen to Chad's thoughts from Monday's show segments, including caller comments and audio from the incident that you will not hear in the mainstream media, click in the video box above.

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