On Friday's Chad Hasty Show, Chad shared his opinion on several different aspects of yesterday's attacks on Dallas law enforcement officers during a protest in downtown Dallas, which resulted in many deaths and injuries of innocent officers.

Hasty talked about a Washington Post article detailing negations with one of the suspects in the attacks, and how that suspect was killed. Hasty then went into statements made by President Obama about police shootings of black people in Minnesota, and Louisiana, then the murders of Dallas officers.

Hasty said,

More white people are shot by cops than black people. But even that's isolated. You know what's not isolated? 'Gang-bangers' shooting each other in Chicago. That's why it doesn't made headlines every day. That's why it doesn't make headlines every weekend. Because it happens all the time.

While speaking about Obama's selective 'outrage' over shootings and violence depending upon who the shooters and victims are, and whether or not the incidents fit the President's narrative, Hasty said (about Obama's attitude toward daily minority killings committed by other minorities),

No one cares about Chicago, and the violence in Chicago. No one cares, this administration doesn't care. They don't have a press conference every weekend, about the violence in Chicago. You don't have Black Live Matter protesting in Chicago.

Hasty continued, talking about members of the Congressional Black Caucus immediately calling for bans on "assault" weapons, and how guns are not the problem at all. Hasty said, "The problem last night, [is] this deep-seated hatred of police officers."

Hasty continued, saying,

We have a problem in this country, of people who are raised, children who are raised to hate police officers. The Dallas police chief is right. We have to get past this divisiveness between police officers and the general public.

Listen to the rest of Chad's thoughts in the video above.

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