A Lubbock based multimedia company that specializes in producing career and technical education educational materials has announced inaugural industry partners supporting its new certification program.

CEV Multimedia announced at a conference in Austin on Wednesday, July 23 2014, a partnership with the American Meat Science Association, the American Quarter Horse Association along with the National Horse Judging Team Coaches Association and the National Collegiate Livestock Coaches Association. The partners joined to support meat evaluation, equine evaluation and principles of livestock selection and evaluation certification courses respectively.

According to their website, CEV Multimedia has 30 years worth of experience providing CTE curriculum and educational materials in several subjects. Most notably they specialize in agricultural science and technology, family and consumer sciences and business education. CEV currently offers three industry-backed certifications, but they are developing 20 more, some of which they say will be ready for classroom usage by fall 2014. The company aims to have 60 such certificates by spring 2016.

According to CEV Media, CTE courses reach 12 million postsecondary students and are recognized as an important solution to many national economic and workforce problems.

CEV Media made the partnership announcement after recently announcing an update to their online learning portal iCEV. According to CEV Media, The new version of the online learning tool includes a course management system containing pre-built CTE courses with lessons from the platform's extensive online library, and provides a course set-up that walks educators through the process of choosing and customizing courses to fit the needs of their students

You can find out more information about CEV Multimedia by visiting their website.