“Planethood” Returning for Pluto?
Will Pluto once again be categorized as a planet? In 2006 Pluto was downgraded from "planet" to a "dwarf planet" due to a redefinition of what actually constitutes a planet. The democratic process, however, may soon be used to determine whether or not "planet" status is…
Spotting Venus in 2015
For the rest of 2015, the planet Venus will be bright in the evening sky, and easily spotted without binoculars or telescope.
Satellite Spotting Opportunities in the Lubbock Area Tonight
Tonight’s ISS pass will be very bright. Begin watching for it at 7:04 pm near the northwest horizon, climbing higher to nearly directly overhead at about 7:07. From there the ISS will continue toward the southeast horizon, and rather than going out of sight below the horizon, it will disappea…
Satellite Sighting Opportunities Tonight in the Lubbock Area
The International Space Station will be bright and visible for a short time, appearing on the southern horizon, climbing up toward the southeast, but will only be visible for about 90 seconds. The interesting aspect to tonight's ISS pass is that you will get to watch the ISS disappear into Eart…

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