As the deadline nears for candidates to file for their place on the Primary ballot, one local Republican has filed to run as Chairman of the Lubbock County Republican Party (LCRP).

Carl Tepper tells KFYO News he will submit his paperwork Wednesday morning to run for LCRP Chairman.

Tepper is currently Vice-Chairman of the LCRP and has been politically active for over the past 20 years.

“As Chairman, I intend to build upon the strong, unified, and active Lubbock County Republican Party that boasts the best elected Republican officials in Texas,” said Tepper. “My primary goal is to sharpen our focus on good government at all levels, firmly rooted with West Texas conservative principles.”

Tepper also told KFYO News, "I've been involved in politics my whole adult life and I'm very passionate about this country.  Particularly at this crossroads of our history when the country is having such deep fiscal problems, some deep problems with unemployment. I think the Republican Party sticking to its core principles can be an answer to some of those problems."

Current LCRP Chairman Chris Winn has not announced his future political plans and when asked by KFYO News last month if he would file for re-election, he wouldn't commit one way, or the other.