Here are just a few things in Chad’s Pile that you will hear on Lubbock’s First News this morning. Give Chad your feedback on the steaming topics.

1. Bachmann has a stress-related condition (link)

This might not be good news for Michele Bachmann. According the the Daily Caller, Bachmann has a stress condition that gives her migraines and has left her 'incapacitated' for days before. Heavy pill use is also alleged in the story. According to the DC:

“She has terrible migraine headaches. And they put her out of commission for a day or more at a time. They come out of nowhere, and they’re unpredictable,” says an adviser to Bachmann who was involved in her 2010 congressional campaign. “They level her. They put her down. It’s actually sad. It’s very painful.”

Bachmann’s medical condition wouldn’t merit public attention, but for the fact she is running for president. Some close to Bachmann fear she won’t be equal to the stress of the campaign, much less the presidency itself.

“When she gets ‘em, frankly, she can’t function at all. It’s not like a little thing with a couple Advils. It’s bad,” the adviser says. “The migraines are so bad and so intense, she carries and takes all sorts of pills. Prevention pills. Pills during the migraine. Pills after the migraine, to keep them under control. She has to take these pills wherever she goes.”

What do you think about this? Is this important news?

2. Rick Perry says 'No' (link)

We all know Governor Rick Perry loves being Governor of Texas. We are also pretty sure that he would love to become President of the United States. What about VP though?

Asked by reporters at the state Capitol if he would be interested in the No. 2 spot, Perry evoked the former U.S. House speaker and vice-president from Uvalde, saying Garner “had a pretty good handle on that.”

Holding up his palms as if weighing two options on a scale, Perry said: “I think you kind of go, vice-president, governor of Texas — and that kind of answers itself.”

I actually believe him on this one. It's either President or Governor for Perry.

3. Spending cuts! Oh and tax increases. (link)

Well a Senate group has offered up $3.75 trillion in cuts. Not bad, but they also offered up "tax revenues". Bad. Here are some details:

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, one of the six Democratic and Republican senators who have been working since December on a deficit-reduction plan, said the proposed $3.75 trillion in savings over 10 years contains $1.2 trillion in new revenues.

The group briefed about half of the 100-member Senate and "the response was very favorable," Conrad told reporters.

He said the group asked fellow senators to take 24 hours to look at the proposal and "report back to us."


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