Here are just a few things in Chad’s Pile that you will hear on Lubbock’s First News this morning. Give Chad your feedback on the steaming topics.

1. Brownsville Police

On Wednesday, Brownsville Police shot and killed at 15-year-old eighth grader. The student had allegedly assaulted a student and school administrators ordered the school to be locked down after seeing the student carrying a gun. Other students reportedly said they heard the 15-year-old yelling that he was going to kill everyone. When police arrived, two officers went into the school and the student pointed his gun at the officers. After reportedly telling the student to drop the weapon the officers fired and killed the student. Police found out later that the gun was actually a pellet gun that resembled a semi-automatic handgun.

The parents want answers and some people say that the police used excessive force. Those people are wrong. Police officers aren't told to aim at someone's arm. The aren't told to "wing" someone. If someone is pointing a gun at an officer, they will be shot. I'm sure a more in-depth investigation will take place, but dealing with the facts that we have, I find no fault with the officers. They ordered the student to drop his weapon and he did not. Police officers have to work on split second decisions and we shouldn't expect them to ask what type of gun someone has.

I feel bad for the parents. Losing a 15-year-old has got to be tough. I understand their grief and that they will place blame on the officers. I also feel bad for the two officers. They have to live with the fact that they shot and killed a 15-year-old that wasn't carry a handgun. Sure, pellet guns can do some damage but I'm sure somewhere in their minds the officers are wondering why this kid made such a dumb decision. I'm sure the cops wish they would have known that is was a pellet gun.

But at the end of the day, we can't ask our police officers to take longer amounts of time to make sure a handgun is real. The kid made a terrible decision and now so many people have to live with it.

2. Open Line Friday

It will be an Open Line Friday on the show today. This is where we give you the chance to call in and talking about anything that happened over the week. It's been a busy start to 2012 that's for sure. Romney barely winning in Iowa, Perry almost dropping out of the race, and the rise of Rick Santorum. Then there is Ron Paul. Ron Paul is right almost all the time. Then he starts talking about letting Iran have a nuclear weapon. I want to like Ron Paul, and I want to vote for him. I just can't.

We will also get you caught up with City Council races and the scandal at UMC.

3. Dumb story of the morning (link)

Here is your dumb story of the morning.

A Virginia school district is defending a song allegedly written and performed by a group of third graders about the Occupy Wall Street movement that conservative bloggers are calling a form of indoctrination.

The song, “Part of the 99,” was performed by children at Woodbrook Elementary School in Albemarle County, Virginia.

Here are some of the lyrics. Do you think 3rd graders came up with these all on their own?

Some people have it all
But they still don’t think they have enough
They want more money
A faster ride
They’re not content
Never satisfied
Yes — they’re the 1 percent

I used to be one of the 1 percent
I worked all the time
Never saw my family
Couldn’t make life rhyme
Then the bubble burst
It really, really hurt
I lost my money
Lost my pride
Lost my home
Now I’m part of the 99

Some people have it all
But they still don’t think they have enough
They want more money
A faster ride
They’re not content
Never satisfied
Yes — they’re the 1 percent

I used to be sad, now I’m satisfied
’Cause I really have enough
Though I lost my yacht and plane
Didn’t need that extra stuff
Could have been much worse
You don’t need to be first
’Cause I’ve got my friends
Here by my side
Don’t need it all
I’m so happy to be part of the 99

You can read the rest of the story above.

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