On Monday's edition of Lubbock's First News, District Director of Congressman Randy Neugebauer office, Brice Foster, talked with Chad and Rex about the goings-on of the district office.

Foster said that the district offices relays tons of letters and phone calls people send in for the Congressman, and that they also represent him at various functions and assist people with their questions. Foster himself manages the offices and travels out to all the different counties to get the "pulse" of what people are concerned with. He says that right now, most people in his area are concerned with the severe drought and wildfires, as well as the economy.

The Congressman's Office is located at 611 University Avenue in the City Bank building on the 2nd floor. Foster recommends that, if people want to contact Congressman Randy Neugebauer, to call toll free at 888-763-1611, or to visit the Congresman's website at randy.house.gov.