Brenda Duby with the United Supermarkets family of stores talked turkey -- leftovers, that is -- with Lubbock's First News' Tom Collins and Laura Mac Wednesday.

Duby said folks should enjoy their Thanksgiving meal and eat what they want, but moderation is the key.

"Really you can eat all foods. It always comes back to moderation, but a few of the tips we usually give is don't go hungry," she said. "Don't sit down to the Thanksgiving table starving because  you're probably not going to make the best of choices. Start by filling half of that plate with veggies (but)....don't deprive yourself."

Duby also suggested to do something besides take a nap after the meal.

"Take a break after you eat. Try and get some exercise," she said. "Clean up, [then] head out for a walk, a game of flag football, something to do with the family. Walk the dogs then come back for that slice of pumpkin pie."

Duby says all leftovers should be refrigerated within two hours of being served.

"After two hours, everything should have pretty much reached room temp," she noted.

Leftovers should be good for three to four days unless they are frozen, which would make them safe to eat for a longer time.