A Borger woman has pleaded guilty to a federal financial structuring charge.

43-year-old Amy Fernandez has admitted to structuring the purchase of cashier’s checks in order to avoid federal financial reporting requirements in 2010.

Amy Fernandez purchased $59,550 worth of cashier’s checks from four different financial institutions each day from February 22nd through February 26th, 2010. The funds were to be used to pay off a debt to the Texas Comptroller’s Office for her husband’s business.

Fernandez’s husband and owner of Frank’s Flooring, Frank Fernandez, also 43, was indicted last week for involvement in a methamphetamine and cocaine distribution group as well.

According to statements from bank tellers, Fernandez would pull the cash from large plastic bags which she carried in her purse, and stated that she needed to stay under the “$3,000 threshold.”

She faces up to five years in prison, a $250,000 fine, and must forfeit any property or funds related to the offense. Amy Fernandez will be sentenced on January 31st.