A local blogger has stirred some controversy regarding some Lubbock City Council members attending a Texas Tech football game in the box of Chancellor Kent Hance.

The post was put up at www.sandstormscholar.com, and makes a connection between an upcoming contract between Texas Tech University and Lubbock Power & Light, which is part of the upcoming 2013-14 fiscal year budget, slated for final consideration by the Council on Tuesday evening.

“Also enjoying the game at Texas Tech’s expense were Council members Floyd Price, Todd Klein, and Latrelle Bright Joy,” said the author of the post. “A quorum was present however, unlike the Allison House ribbon cutting earlier in the week, this meeting was not posted on the City Council website.”

The blog author also posted pictures of District 1 Councilman Victor Hernandez and District 4 Councilman Jim Gerlt at the event as well, which Hernandez had posted to his personal Facebook page. Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson and District 5 Councilwoman Karen Gibson were reportedly not in attendance at the event in the Chancellor's box.

Robertson weighed in, reportedly on the blog post, and on a more detailed Facebook posting on his campaign page which said, “I have no opinion on their attendance. I personally will not accept any tickets, gifts or anything of value that could be viewed as a subtle bribe. We all have values, morals, and standards that we bring into office and mine are just different from everybody else’s.”

Hernandez posted an email which he sent to Lubbock City Attorney Sam Medina regarding the issue.

“I just sent the following e-mail to Lubbock City Attorney Sam Medina: Sam,

There are serious accusations being made as against the majority of Council by the Sandstorm Scholar, as well as Mayor Robertson, because I and four other Councilmembers attended the TTU v SFA football game this past weekend, as guests of Chancellor Hance. (Of course there were a number of Lubbock County Commissioners, Texas State Representatives and Texas State Senator Robert Duncan there as well.)

I tried to cut and paste the Facebook article but could not.

Please review the article and be prepared to discuss during next week's Council meeting.

Scott Mann, who I believe is the Sandstorm Scholar, raises issues of: 1) there was no Council meeting posted although five Councilmembers were present; and 2) that "in just a few days the Lubbock City Council is scheduled to approve the budget for Lubbock Power & Light. Part of that budget is an advertising contract between your electric utility and Texas Tech University that, according to our sources, is worth $650,000 over the next five years."

Also, Robertson, according to the article stated, "“I will not accept football tickets or other subtle bribes.” This statement seems to indicate criminal intent on the part of TTU and specifically, the Chancellor's Office. Obviously, this is a contention I disagree with.

Robertson's statement also seems to indicate some malfeasance on the part of those Council members present.

All in all, please take a look at the issues raised so that you may provide legal guidance to the Council and to the Mayor.


Victor Hernandez”

The item highlighted by the Sandstorm Scholar is an advertising contract between Lubbock Power & Light and Texas Tech University.

The Lubbock City Council will consider final approval of the proposed budget on Tuesday, September 10th in a meeting that begins at 6:15 p.m. at Lubbock City Hall, located at 1625 13th Street.

You can read the entire post at the Sandstorm Scholar here.