The leader of the Catholic Church in Lubbock reacts to news of a new Pope.

Bishop Placido Rodriguez spoke with KFYO News on the election of Pope Francis with KFYO News and told us his first reaction to the news of Pope Francis.

"My first reaction is that of joy and happiness and surprise because we have a new Pope," said Rodriguez.

"In that surprise and that joy knowing the Holy Spirit responds to the needs of the Church that we have a new Pope already telling us that he wants to develop the role St. Francis as a model."

Over 500 million Roman Catholics live in Latin America and Rodriguez believes that the church in Latin America will benefit from Francis being from Argentina.

"It will impact the Church in Latin America tremendously and open up ecumenicism. It will set on fire the continents whether it be Africa or Europe. I am very hopeful and happy that the Holy Spirit has chosen Francis I in order to do new evangelization."

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