On the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Ron Betenbough of Betenbough Homes spoke with Chad Hasty about comments made against him by city council District 3 candidate Maurice Stanley.

Stanley appeared on Tuesday's show to discuss his campaign for District 3. During the interview, he mentioned that Betenbough told him after a city council meeting that "Central Lubbock does not deserve public funds."

Betenbough responded that Stanley completely misunderstood his actual comments. He explained that Stanley had spoken at the city council meeting in opposition of annexation efforts made by Betenbough and others, and had originally suggested the city council spend a dollar on city maintenance for every dollar they spend on new infrastructure, which is what Betenbough was actually opposing.

"[Stanley's] contention was that the city council should allocate one dollar of maintenance money for every dollar of new infrastructure or cost of annexation or anything new that comes before the council. After the council meeting, I introduced myself to Mr. Stanley and engaged him in conversation. And my contention was that those two are not related to each other...of course the council should allocate money for maintenance. I want the streets maintained in front of my home just as you do in front of your home, Mr. Stanley, so i do not object to that. I did not say that central Lubbock was not entitled to any maintenance money.

Betenbough also spoke about growth in Lubbock, predicting that the city will continue to grow towards the southwest. He added that as a developer, he wants to build where the people want to live, and not just entice people to move to a location he wants.

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