The politically-correct police are back in full force. And this time, they're going after Southern-style barbecue.

In Canada, the barbecue restaurant  "Hillbilly Heaven" is causing a stir with some signs the owner recently posted up.

The restaurant has a big sign by the cash register that says halal, rice, kabob, shawarma, fries, wings, ¼ chicken, Mexican and burgers are “things we don’t have and never will.”

On the door it says “to better serve you, our staff speaks ENGLISH” and “What would make you think this was a Korean BBQ? Do you see any f’n ducks in the window?”

Restaurant owner Cameron Bailey said that he posted the signs because he was tired of customers asking him if he had Arab and Korean food. He said he wanted people to understand that his restaurant severs only Southern-style barbecue. Now, the owner is being asked to take the signs down, because they are "very offensive and against the principles of diversity and inclusion."

Honesty, I don't think they're offensive, I think they're kind of funny. After all, the signs did not say "We don't serve Koreans," or "Arabs are not welcome here." All the signs said was "We don't serve this kind of food." The owner's not trying to be racist, he was just trying to be funny. And obviously, some people just can't take a joke.