In his Weekly Presidential Address to the country, President Barack Obama chastised congressional Republicans for leaving town without taking action on to create jobs and to strengthen the economy.

Obama claimed in the address that House Republicans left several proposals on the table including the Veterans Job Corps and the Farm Bill.

Obama said in the address,

"Right now, if Congress had done the right thing, we could be on our way to having a veterans’ jobs corps that helps returning heroes find work as cops and firefighters in communities all across the country.

These men and women have made incredible sacrifices for our country. They shouldn’t have to worry about finding a job when they get home. But last week, Republicans in Congress voted it down. And then they left.

Right now, if Congress had gotten its act together, we would have a farm bill to help farmers and ranchers respond to natural disasters like the drought we had this summer.

And we’d have made necessary reforms to give our rural communities some long-term certainty. But so far, Republicans in Congress have dragged their feet. And now they’re gone."

Obama urged members of congress to come home and finish their work in November and pleaded with constituents to contact their member of Congress to act.