On Tuesday's edition of Lubbock's First News, attorney Kevin Glasheen spoke with Chad Hasty and Rex Andrew about the possible locations for a memorial to wrongfully convicted Tech student Timothy Cole.

One option was to put the memorial in the front of the courthouse. However, Glasheen objected to the idea because having the memorial at the courthouse may create jury bias in criminal cases.

"Every criminal trial, the defense lawyer's closing arguement is going to be 'Go downstairs and read that memorial before you do what the Tim Cole jury did.' And the prosecuters would object to that, and with good reason."

Glahseen said he would've liked to see the memorial on Broadway and Avenue Q. However, that property is slated for commercial redevelopment. Out of the available properties, Glasheen felt that the corner of 19th and University would be the best choice due to the proximity of Texas Tech and Cole being a Tech student.

Glasheen's law firm, Glasheen, Valles and Inderman, LLP, has offered to fund the construction of the memorial.