I want to give you a few different scenarios and I'd like to know if any of the following violate your civil rights or seem against the law at all.

1. You are at the grocery store and just finished your shopping for the day. You go to check out and instead of being able to find an open register, you are forced to wait in line.

2. You and your family are at an amusement park and you decide that you should all go on a ride. To get on the ride you have to wait in line. The wait is over 50 minutes long.

3. You want to get into a sporting event and get great seats, but to do so you must wait in line for hours.

4. It's election day and you want to vote. However, when you get to the polling station you have to wait in line for an hour.

So, do any of these violate your rights? Do any of these prevent you from voting?

Watching the debate play out on Voter ID was a tough one to watch. Not because of how long it took, but because of some the moronic arguments made against Voter ID. During the debate we heard Democrats say that making people show an ID was racist. Democrats said that it unfairly targeted the poor and elderly. Those two arguments never made sense to me. We have to prove our identity when writing or cashing a check. We have to prove who we are when we get onto a plane or even to buy a beer or cigarettes, but somehow showing and ID to vote was this horrible act of racism and a slap at the elderly.

How does that even make sense?

There were so many other arguments that went against common sense, but one quote from the Dallas Morning News really might take the top prize.

State Senator John Whitmire (D-Houston) was against the bill because people might... might have to stand in lines. From the Dallas Morning News:

“Someone trying to get one of these new voter IDs would be looking at up to a three-hour wait to get that document in some urban areas"

Standing in line. That was his reason for opposing a bill that will go to combat election fraud. People in Iraq have to dodge bombs and bullets, but God forbid someone have to stand in line in Houston, Texas.

Whitmire's quote just goes to show that the libs have no arguments, well good arguments, against Voter ID. Democrats wanted to keep the door open for possible fraud and lost.

The only arguments this asinine are the arguments being made by democrats against Campus Carry.