A new study has come out that says internet addiction among youth is on the increase.

A recent British survey took a look at the issue and analyzed the online lives of children. Almost half of those under 12 said they would feel said without the internet.

For teens, it's even worse, the study found.

The Daily Mail reports 48 percent of teens would feel lonely without a broadband connection.

And a recent American study found up to 12 percent of teens are addicted to the Internet.

Addiction is characterized by a child's strong desire to be on the Internet, and having that desire get in the way of other activities like spending time with friends and family, sleeping and doing schoolwork, the American study found.

What about adults though? I'm sure we all know people that couldn't live without the internet. What about you? Do you start freaking out if the internet is down at your house? Do you feel too disconnected when you are on vacation? Are Americans overall addicted to the internet? Let us know what you think in today's LFN Poll of the Day.