In the past I've written a couple of articles about watching the International Space Station (ISS) when it passes overhead. Lots of folks were interested, and many had no idea this  was even possible, so here's a little more information that will be useful if you are interested in viewing passes.

There are many smartphone apps available that will provide up to the second information about ISS sighting opportunities, and will literally point where to look.

Being a reformed iPhone user (*wink*), I have an Android phone. The app I use is called ISS Detector. It's available in the Google Play store for free. The app will send combinations of alerts, vibrations, play sounds, specified by the user, to alert when a pass is approaching. The app will even provide a location map with the ground track of the Station, the brightness of the pass, and the chances of spotting the ISS with the weather at your location, along with many other details if you are interested.

ISS Detector is a fantastic app that has a great help section, and is very easy to learn.

There are other apps available, yes, even for the iPhone, but I cannot provide information on those, other than what is available on the internet. An iPhone app that appears to be similar is ISS Spotter, available for free in the iTunes store.

ISS Detector has many other satellites it can provide information for and I'll write about those when I can. In the meantime, take the family out to watch!