Looks like Apple's latest batch of iPhones still has a few "worms" in it.

Many people who have bought the new iPhone 4S or updated to the iOS 5 operating system have claimed that the battery life has been draining at a very fast rate. Yesterday, Apple released an update for iOS 5 in an attempt to fix the "bugs" causing the problem. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be doing much good, as many users have complained that there has been no change in how fast the battery drains. And some are reporting that the battery is actually draining even faster than before.

As I mentioned before, this is why you shouldn't just run out and buy a brand new electronic device when it first hits the shelves. More often than not, the first edition of a device will have some bugs in it that weren't worked out in time for the product's release. That's why, as hard as it may be, it is usually a better idea to wait for a few weeks before you buy a new device.

By the way, other issues that were addressed by the update include new multitasking gestures for the iPad and improved voice recognition function for users with Australian accents. (which I find very funny for some reason...)