iPhone fans, the day you've been waiting for since last year has finally arrived. Apple will hold an event today in San Francisco where they are expected to announce the new iPhone or what could be called the iPhone 5. Rumor is, the new iPhone 5 will be released on September 21. So what will be different about this iPhone? No one knows for sure but there are many rumors out there that seem very likely.

The iPhone 5 looks to be larger and come in a two-tone black and white case. The screen should also be larger which is good news to those of us who don't really like Android phones, but love the larger screens they have. The iPhone screen has traditionally been 3.5 inches, but the iPhone 5 screen will be bumped up a bit to 4 inches.

Rumors also say that the new iPhone 5 will support 4G LTE networks. Apple always brags about their battery life, so you can bet that the battery in the new iPhone 5 will be great.

For a complete rundown in iPhone 5 rumors, check out Gizmodo.

What would you like to see in the new iPhone 5?