You know what they say, there's always a scapegoat. And it looks like Apple has found theirs.

Apple announced Monday that it has replaced two of its executives after the abysmal disappointment with Apple's Maps app on the iPhone 5. The Maps app has been panned by critics and users alike for its numerous errors and poor design.

Software chief Scott Forstall, who oversaw the launch of the flawed mapping software and much criticized Siri voice-enabled assistant, will leave Apple next year and serve as an advisor to Cook in the meantime.

Forstall, seen as a polarizing figure inside Apple, had been billed as one of the future candidates to take the top job at Apple. He was the executive behind the panned Apple Maps app that the company announced with much fanfare in summer.

The moves, which come a little more than a year into Cook's tenure as CEO, were described by Apple as a way to increase "collaboration" across its hardware, software and services business.

"These changes show that Tim Cook is stamping his authority on the business," Ben Wood, analyst with CCS Insight, said. "Perhaps disappointed with the Maps issues, Forstall became the scapegoat."

I don't have a problem with Apple canning the guy responsible for the App. He's an Apple exec, he'll be just fine. What I would rather see Apple do is fix the app. Google Maps on the older iPhones may not have been perfect, but compared to Apple Maps, it's light years better. Regardless of whether they were pressed for time or just generally apathetic, there was no excuse for Apple to put out such a piece of garbage application. I'm really hoping a update with a proper Maps app is in the works, because firing the guy responsible won't just magically make the app work any better.