When it comes to buying electronics, I have a little rule I try to follow: don't buy the first release of a new product, because chances are, those products are going to have some bugs.

Case in point, the iPhone 4S.

Apple recently admitted that there are a few problems with its new iOS 5 operating system that are affecting the battery life of the phone. Many users have complained about the less than stellar battery life of the 4S, claiming that the power of their phone was draining at a high rate, even when the phone was not being used. Late last night, Apple released a statement addressing the problem and announced that they would release an update to fix the problem in a few weeks.

Although the iPhone 4s was not the phone everyone was hoping for when it released last month, the phone has reportedly sold over 4 million units in the first three days. But as well know by now, Apple's not always immune to hardware issues. It's just one more reason why I'm going to wait until the iPhone 5 to come out, or a few months after so Apple can work all the bugs out.