Lately, all the Christmas stories I've been finding have been about overly-concerned parents, selfish brats, and the "PC" (politically correct) police ruining the holiday for all of us. But every now and then, a story like this comes along that reminds us there's still some good left in the season.

In Edmonton, a modern-day Grinch stole $3,200 worth of toys from a charity for need families. The charity was devastated, but then, a friend of the charity put a call out to Facebook and Twitter to help raise money to replace the toys. The charity ended up receiving $4500, more than enough money to replace the toys that were stolen, and even some extra cash for emergencies.

Now this is the kind of Christmas story I like to see. Something great comes from something really horrible. and people can still work together for a common good when it counts. And personally, I think it's nice to see the power of social networking being used for good for a change.