Sometimes protesting can work and people will take the protest seriously. Rarely is that the case when you are the only person protesting though. Add to that the fact that you make yourself look like an idiot, and most likely you've done nothing to promote your cause.

With that said, meet 65 year old Michael Leisner who decided to burn a box of Cheerios in front of General Mills. According to The Smoking Gun:

Leisner announces that he is there to protest the company’s advocacy of gay marriage, a reference to the food conglomerate’s June announcement that it opposes a November ballot initiative banning such nuptials. “So we are going to torch some cereal,” Leisner  says, as cars can be heard zooming past on nearby Interstate 394.

After using a blowtorch to light the box on fire, Leisner manages to spill the cereal onto the grass while the flames spread. At that point and before actually putting out the fire he and the camera crew runaway. Nice. I could make some jokes about this guy and flames, but I'll let you do that.

What a moron.