A Continuation of a recall petition has been filed against a Lubbock City Councilman.

Gordon Harris filed the recall petition against District 2 Councilman Floyd Price with City Secretary Becky Garza on Thursday morning. Harris previously filed a recall on Councilman Price in July, but did not file the proper affidavits with the City for the recall to be valid.

You can listen to Secretary Garza talk about the failed July petition with Tom Collins and Laura Mac here.

The current petition will now verify the validity by the City Secretary's Office. The City of Lubbock in a press release says no information regarding the City Secretary's finding will be made available until the verification process is completed.

After the process is complete, the City Council and the recall petition organizers will be notified of the results before being made public.

Price has served on the Lubbock City Council since 2004.