Cotton industry professionals will gather for an annual meeting in Lubbock this week.

The Texas Cotton Association will host their annual Flow/Marketing meeting at the Overton Hotel & Conference Center.

The TCA, a 102-year-old organization, has held the meeting in Lubbock since 1971.

The meeting is open to the public and is primarily designed to encourage discussion among around 250 cotton industry stakeholders involved in the movement of cotton. The meeting is also held to communicate and resolve problematic issues prior to harvest.

“A tradition since 1971 in Lubbock, this meeting has proven to be the right time and place to communicate and resolve problematic issues associated with flowing our Texas cotton crop, to many textiles mills all over the world,” said Gary Chesnutt, president of TCA. “We meet because it is our responsibility to deliver the cotton as efficiently and as economically as possible, and at the same time, permit the producer to realize the maximum return for his effort.”

The event will be held on Wednesday, September 18th and Thursday, September 19th.

Tickets are $35 and can be purchased at or at the door for $40.